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Rhode Island Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone search, also known as phone number lookup, is the process of unveiling detailed information about the subscriber registered to a phone number. It is  called 'reverse' because instead of using a name to get the phone number, the phone number is used to get the person's name and other details. 

Since it is standard practice for every phone user to supply vital identifying information about themselves as part of documentation for acquiring a phone number, a caller's information can be accessed through their phone number.

What are Rhode Island Phone Numbers?

In the last two decades, there has been a shift in telephone services with regards to technologies, service providers, and subscriber preferences. For one, the country is rapidly moving away from fixed landlines to mobile phones. The turning point was 2015 when the percentage of homes using only mobile phones exceeded those with only fixed landline phones. A 2018 CDC Report indicated that 60.1% of Rhode Island homes only have wireless phone subscriptions while a mere 1.3% homes still held on to only landlines. These figures confirm the shift away from landlines to mobile telephony. 

The four major phone carriers in Rhode Island are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and  T-Mobile. The list below indicates the percentage of Rhode Island covered by these carriers:

  • AT&T - 99%
  • Verizon - 95%
  • Sprint - 92%
  • T-Mobile - 91%

Besides landline and wireless phone services, Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) is another phone service option and a rapidly growing one too. The number of VoIP residential phone subscribers in the United States increased from 28 million in 2010 to 76.6 million in 2018. Also, the number of businesses using VoIP rose from 6.2 million to 41.6 million in the same period. Global projections indicated that by the end of year 2020, the number of VoIP subscribers would have grown to 204.8 billion globally. With the increased cost efficiency of VoIP phones and favorable government policies, it is becoming more evident that the future of telephony is VoIP.

Can I Search a Phone Number and Find out Who it Is?

Definitely. Reverse phone lookup allows you to discover who is registered to a phone number. It provides vital personal information needed to confirm the identity of a caller. Carriers require subscribers to provide their names, contact details and other essential information when registering new numbers. They keep subscriber information in databases accessible by reverse phone lookup services.

These services offer different options for performing reverse lookups. The most common is via  phone number but it is also possible to conduct a phone number lookup by name and phone lookup by address. Reverse phone number search is useful in many ways. You can use it to get the phone number of an old friend, a long lost relative, or a company. It is also useful for identifying unknown callers. Anyone can use these services to uncover the identities of cyberbullies/phone stalkers, scammers, and fraudsters contacting them by phone. 

To perform a suspicious phone number lookup, simply enter the phone number into the search engine of the reverse phone lookup service provider. The personal information obtained from this search can then be used to file a complaint with the police or regulatory agencies when reporting a phone scammer.

Is there a Free Way to Lookup Someone’s Phone Number?

Yes, there is. Several companies offer free lookup services online that scour public databases such as police records, online directories, and phone books, to relevant information about searched numbers. However, the information provided by these free services are limited and they cannot find information on as many phone numbers as paid services. Similarly, free services fare better when searching numbers assigned to landline phones but struggle with mobile phone and VoIP numbers.

Paid reverse phone lookup services are necessary to glean comprehensive user information about phone numbers. These services can reveal phone types, email addresses, social media accounts, and even public criminal history records associated with searched phone numbers.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Uncovering the identities associated with unknown phone numbers is the main objective of phone lookup services, and they employ different online tools to achieve this. These services become increasingly necessary as phone scams increase sharply along with the number of phone users. Individuals and organizations use phone lookup services to detect and avoid phone scams.

Phone lookup services can retrieve information such as the names, addresses, ages, and genders of phone users. They can also be used when the status of certain unknown phone numbers needs to be confirmed. A quick search can help confirm if a number has been tagged as suspicious, marked as a phishing/spam number, or verified as belonging to a scammer. Phone lookup services outperform phones’ caller ID features at correctly identifying scammers trying to hide their identities and evade detection.

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Legal in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island can find out the identities of unknown callers using reverse phone lookup. Phone number lookup search is legal in the state even though Rhode Island does not have state laws discussing the use of this tool. However, the state recognizes the usefulness of reverse phone lookup as many of its residents and law enforcement officers use them when investigating phone scams. While anyone can use and provide phone number lookup services in Rhode Island, they must do so while following the state’s laws. Rhode Island demands that no one must use reverse phone lookup search to find targets to defraud. Similarly, it is illegal to use this tool with the intention to cause harm or harass others.

In addition, Rhode Island also requires users and providers of reverse phone lookup services to obey state and federal privacy laws. They must not use lookup tools to find and reveal confidential information about the subjects of their searches. It is also illegal to use phone number lookup search to spy on others with the intention of stalking them.

What Information Can You Get from a Rhode Island Phone Number Lookup Search?

When searching for the owner of an unknown phone number in Rhode Island, you should expect to get the following details:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender

These pieces of information are usually obtained from phone carriers’ databases and are provided by subscribers when registering new phone numbers. Therefore, some of these details may no longer be up-to-date. Phone users can change their names, addresses, and even genders between the times they activate new phone numbers and when someone searches for them. To obtain current information about an unknown caller, try using a paid reverse phone number service.

Phone number lookup services that charge subscription or one-time fees can find current records by trawling public social media posts. In addition to finding the new name and current address of the unknown caller searched, they may also be able to show their recent photos. Paid searches obtain results from a wider range of sources than free searches. They can also find criminal and arrest records for identified callers by accessing public criminal justice records maintained by Rhode Island courts, law enforcement, and county/city governments. 

These additional details obtained from deep dives are useful for determining whether to trust a strange caller or not. They can be used to corroborate or refute the claims of unknown callers. Lastly, they are useful when reporting phone scammers and stalkers to Rhode Island law enforcement.

What is a VoIP Number?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a technology that allows voice traffic to be transmitted over a data network or public internet. With the aid of an adapter, an IP phone, or software, a subscriber with a VoIP number can place calls over the internet from a computer or a phone. Overall, VoIP calls are cheaper and more affordable than long-distance landline and mobile phone calls. VoIP numbers are not tied to single devices. Users can also place video calls with their VoIP numbers and call anywhere in the world without paying a premium for long-distance calls. 

Unfortunately, scammers also take advantage of the advancements of VoIP technology to easily reach their targets and hide their identities. Since VoIP numbers are virtual numbers assigned to individuals, there is no way to identify their locations just by looking at them. It is therefore harder to carry out a reverse phone lookup on VoIP numbers. Scammers can also obtain VoIP numbers bearing Rhode Island area code in order to impersonate people and organizations in the state.

Furthermore, scammers can make calls from multiple devices using just one VoIP number. The devices do not even have to be in the same location. This makes it difficult to link the number to a particular phone or trace a VoIP call to a specific location. Unlike landline and mobile phones, subscribers do not have to correctly identify themselves when requesting for VoIP numbers. These numbers are also easier to acquire and abandon. 

To avoid being scammed with a VoIP number, Rhode Islanders are advised to be cautious when answering calls from unknown numbers or even from strangers calling with familiar numbers.

What is a Rhode Island Phone Number Area Code?

The Rhode Island area code is one of the 86 original area codes created in 1947.  The system was designed by Bell Systems for phone services in North America and later named as the North American Numbering Plan. Its main objective was to unify the numerous and  divergent local numbering systems previously practised by member nations.

After the breakup of Bell Systems, an administrator was appointed (NANPA) to manage the numbering resources subject to directives from each nation's regulatory authorities. In the US, NANPA was later acquired by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Today, the FCC periodically appoints a new administrator for NANP through open bid. 

The FCC cedes some authority to states by granting them autonomy to administer the numbering resources within their borders through local regulatory authorities. In Rhode Island, the telecommunications unit of the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission (RIPUC) handles the  maintenance of the state's area codes.

What is a Rhode Island Phone Number Prefix Code?

A Rhode Island prefix code is  also known as an exchange code, or central office code. It refers to the first three digit numbers that come immediately after an area code in a phone number. For instance, in the telephone number (401) 272 5040:

  • 401 is the area code
  • 272 is the prefix code

For international numbers i.e. numbers that include the country code, the prefix code occurs after the country code and area code. For example in the number, +1 (401) 272-5040:

  • +1 is the country code for the United States
  • 401 is the area code
  • 272 is the prefix code